losing baby teeth? here's the common concern & complications 

Your little one will eventually lose his baby teeth, which is a milestone in the process of growing up. Child's mouth has 20 initial teeth, also called milky teeth, baby teeth, or deciduous teeth.

The root of a baby tooth starts to dissolve when a permanent tooth is ready to erupt.  Typically begin to loosen and fall  out to make room for permanent  teeth at about age  between 6-12  years.

two sets of teeth

What if child not follow normal time period?

"Losing a baby tooth too early can cause the other teeth around them to shift out of position and misaligned adult teeth.

Sometimes, a person’s baby teeth aren’t pushed out and remain until adulthood. complications in tooth development, such as misaligned teeth, gaps or spaces between teeth.

Adult (retained)  baby teeth

First dental appointment

Make your first dental appointment when the first teeth falls out. Dentist will make sure all teeth are developing normally and that there are no dental problems.

If you believe your child have problem with  baby tooth, you must take action as soon as possible!